LE FLAUBERT, an authentic French corner in the heart of Providencia since 1995. Its owner, Ximena Larrea, has been present since the beginning in its concept, long-term vision of the project, both in the aims of service and quality she wants to grant.

It was the ninety five’s in a Chile which was timidly awaking to discover places to share. Friends wanted to get together out of their homes, without spending too much. Businessmen, world travelers, aspired to less official places as those used in hotels, but demanding quality. University students in advance discovered the benefits of exotic imported teas, in a wide range of varieties, feeling that finally this country also offered gourmet options that were present in developed countries. The "caviar" left began to gather in this Orrego Luco Street that began to be fashionable. Thus Le Flaubert found its niche, its captive audience that has followed it since its beginning.

Le Flaubert was installed in Orrego Luco Street, one of the streets with architectural tradition of French style in Providencia district. In a house that was slightly adapted to the functional needs of a restaurant. The style is maintained until today, classic, casual, convivial and of warm moments. The different areas are special for nice talks; the seats are comfortable, the food has been recognized and applauded through all these years keeping always a good attention.

We were pioneers as Tea Room, offering quality teas in tea pot and selling bulk leaves also. The first Wine Dinners were organized, catching on very quickly, blending wine and gastronomy. Since 2007, we have revived the gracious winter soups, calling them "Soup Time": it has been a small gourmet contribution, creating successful compositions or greeting traditional farmers or sailors from different countries.

What dishes characterize Le Flaubert? A tasty paté maison, a "soupe à l'oignon", a coq au vin, duck as in France, Flaubert sea bass, crêpes suzettes, chocolate mousse and many more.

It's a delight to go once and again to Le Flaubert. That is what the "regular clients" say.